Prison Emergency Rooms

Prison ERs (Emergency Rooms) – Families Helpline

Prison Emergency Rooms (Prison ERs) is a UK organisation that fights against any sort of addiction, whether this be to alcohol, tobacco, drugs, gambling, internet, video games and more. Prison ERs provide support groups and rehabilitation camps where we help people fight their addictions before it becomes too late for them, by which we mean before they commit a crime and are sent to prison.

Confidential helpline

Prison ERs provide support to anyone whose life is affected by addiction. This confidential telephone helpline is open every weekday from 09:00 to 17:00. The helpline is available to everyone who is worried about their own addiction, whatever the substance or habit.

We are a national organisation with staff who are well qualified in the treatment of addiction to one or more substances or habits. Suggested practical actions, including our rehab camps, can halt the progression of any addiction, reducing the risk of entering the criminal justice system and ending up in prison. Whatever your addiction story, Prison ERs can help.


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We have a dedicated department to help those with a gambling addiction, particularly within the female population. Women are becoming heavily addicted to gambling thanks to the growing popularity of the best bingo sites in UK and Europe. Prison ERs is able to help with gambling addiction thanks to support from our casino friends from

Legal substances

Products such as nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, food and medicinal products are exempt from the UK Psychoactive Substances Act. Whilst Prison ERs are able to support those with addictions to cigarettes, caffeine and food, it is those who abuse alcohol and medicinal products that are at most risk of ending up in prison because of the actions and behaviours whilst under the influence. With the number of problem drinkers rising each year, Prison ERs offers a programme of action that can halt a decline into alcoholism.


Internet addiction is generally described as the compulsive use of the internet, which continues even when there are serious negative consequences in terms of personal relationships, the ability to work or to behave appropriately in a social setting. The addiction is such that the individual does not function well in society, but they will deny there is a problem. This description of internet addiction is one that fits any addictive behaviour.

Family desperation

Illegal substances

Prison ERs mission is to support addicts so that they do not enter the prison system, which means we understand current law. The UK Psychoactive Substances Act came into effect on the 26 May 2016, and banned new psychoactive substances (NPS). These had previously been sold in shops with labels stating “not for human consumption” to bypass the law. This current legislation makes it an offence to produce, supply, offer to supply, possess with intent to supply, import or export (including over the internet) any psychoactive substances.

Family and friends

Someone else’s uncontrolled and uncontrollable addiction can have a severe impact on your relationships with family and friends, turning love to hate, and bringing you to the depths of despair. Addictions also affect finances, can lead to violent outbursts and can make you doubt your own sanity.

Support from Prison ERs does not only address addictions, but also other psychological issues such as anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and eating disorders and more. Prison ERs provides care, guidance and inspiration, customising each of our tested and effective methods into a personalised treatment plan that will work best for each individual, their family and their friends.